Remember my tweets on the topic of PDS & using tech solutions. Today I get to read this http://tinyurl/julu9 via @nobribe #food #india

Correct link :

Im the happiest person this monsoon. After a long gap, heard frogs croak, seen at least 5 new varieties of birds & butterflies too! #Mumbai

yay…baaarish, baarish and nore baarish… Merry monday everyone!

Another one - Keep it simple.

I want the video to display names/locations of the people/places in the ‘Ho Raha Bharat Nirman’ ad film. #india #indiaelections

Since it is milk, all this in early morning hours. They have not killed themselves, they are not pelting stones. But, for how long.

LKA wishes farmers suicides wasn’t topic of peepli live. I’m sure Planning Comm Chm also wishes rotten tomatoes weren’t hurled at him yest.

Politics of Parliament. Politics of street. Pain of people. Not yet a Venn diagram.

If wishes were horses…

The small dairy farmers of Loni Akola strip, cross a non-existent road that is a river now, wade thru chest deep water, wear clothes again..

..On the other side. hitch their cans to cycles/motor bikes to reach milk to the city. Don’t know if it is online- saw it on news.

Now I can’t have a cup of tea without that image flashing. :(